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july 20th, 2013 | columbia, md

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How is a fun. song different from a Bleachers song? How do you tour for one band while writing for the other?
I don’t know, that part just seemed easy. It almost seems like you don’t need to clear your head. I was fascinated by the bridge of “We Are Young” when we played it live, it jumps a full octave, then it goes back down. There’s a weird key change that’s sort of unorthodox. I could tell this very literal movement in key, which I hadn’t really noticed before, that made the crowd lift, then when it went down, their bodies. I thought “Oh, how interesting. Maybe I could try that idea somewhere else and make it different. And maybe this idea that was one part of “I Wanna Get Better” could actually be a whole concept for a song—a song that lifts you up and takes you down. Not just emotionally or with instrumentation, but in the most literal sense. But to answer your answer more specifically, from playing live you see things and feel things that make you want to go home and try them in different ways.

           -  Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers Isn’t a Side Project [x]


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If someone sent me a message, I’m sorry if I don’t answer I had a notification but then it disappeared.

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Nate Ruess by frickfrackk on Flickr.
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So a year ago I got to see my favorite band live and I still only remember like 15% of the whole concert.

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